Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shimmee That Thin

Mom Says:

A stranger (French or foreign) who walked into the Dog of the Field’s tavern that night would have been sooo confused. A local walking in would have thought that France had been taken over by little grey aliens, fuzzy and Not Like Us, Cher, Not At All.

Luckily, however, the tavern was filled on that night of nights with foreigners who just didn’t know any better. They thought to themselves, “Huh. This iz gud innertaynmint.”

And that is because so many of the tourists were from England, Germany, Italy, Russia, and Taiwan. We can’t exactly expect people from so far away to understand our broad and deep culture, now can we?

Musashi Sez:

Um, so, speekin as not so mutch “us” as othr folks migt, I got to say, “No.” We shud egspekt grayt thins from all thoz furnrz whu vizits us, dontchu thingk? They shud be at leest as wondrfull as us, or eevn wonderfuller, sins they is so mutch olderer than us.

Mom Says:

Regardless of who is best, the fact is that the music coming up from the tavern was magnetic. Folks grabbed hold of each other and started a Conga line that wound in and out of the tavern proper and then started up the stairs to the second floor…

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