Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coded Messajiz

Mom Says:

Here are the messages we’ve gotten so far from Gato, who has been in Cairo now for over two months. I give the translation and Musashi gives the decrypted version.

1. April 7: Arrived safely. Met by my Cousin Larry. We hope to see your Aunt Madge and her sons soonest. Weather is warm, but we are keeping cool.

Arrivd sayflee. Foun mai Egyptian frend, the ex-Mysiz spai, Labeeb. We hope to see those crayzee monks of the Order Our Laydee of Ceiling Cat. Is danjerous, but we beein cayrful.

2. April 26: Visited Museum of Cairo. Saw your cousins in passing. We hope for rain. Pray for good weather for us.

Vizitid Myooseum of Cairo. Saw some crayzee monks, but they not see us. We hope for the chans to follo 2 of them of roughly our siz, so we kin bop them on the hed, put on their yooniformz, an sneek into the monasterri that is connektid to the myoozeum, do som fansee rekonasens, find wher they ar hidin that Russhin doggee Sabaka who they dognapped, an reskyoo him. Wish us luck. Kthx.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Unforchoonit Hiaytus

Musashi Sez:

So, yah, I gotsta apololijize fer the unforchoonit hiaytus of this heer blog. The truft is that the Bunnee rabbitz whu does mosta the writin fer us hav ben on a verree long werkin vacayshun to the Golf of Meksiko fer the las cuppla weeks. They wer planning on goin wattr ski-ing wift their frend, Ardilla, a Mexican stunt squirrel they noe from Hollywud, an a buntcha her frendz. They wer goin to go to Bahamas an Jamaika, an all lik that, but they sent us a telegram that tells yu whut happend insted.

8 & Co. STOP Had hankerin fer Cajun fud. STOP Oil spill messin up this part of werld. STOP We ar stopping to halp cleen ottrz. STOP We look fer gud locayshunz aftr. STOP Dont wayst enerjee. STOP Lov, yer Writr BUNNEEZ

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Creaytiv Joosiz Leeking Out

Musashi Sez:

OK! OK! I noe it has ben a whyl sins we put out a seeryul of mai wild adventchurz wift the innernashunnl spy commyoonitee, but we ben verree bizzee. The bunneez whu writ mosta this blog wer threatenin to go on stryk agen, an this tim it wuz mai falt fer shur.


See, I wuz talking to mai prodooser about how cool Buffee the Vampyr Slayr is, an she toldid me about “Buffee: the Myoozikul,” an I thogtid a lightbulb! An we ralleed around a pertend piano an had a braynstorm.

But the Bunneez hopt ovr an sed, “We did not com heer to writ a myoozikul, an we certenlee didn’t com to sit around whyl YU writ a myoozikul.”

An then we herd about the yoonion negosheayshunz between the Gild of Myoozikul Artists an the Actorz’ Eqwitee.

The Cheef Writr Bunnee sed, “We let yu get aweae wift the flamenco sene last tim cuz it wuz funnee an yu din’t hav the whol cast singing an dansin. Fightin, shur. Fightin is OK. But dansin? Huh. That NOT in our contrak.”

So we wer bak at the drawin bord, and this time we wer yoozin crayonz, cuzs they didn’t skayr the Bunneez so mutch. An meenwhyl, we sugjestid that the Bunneez tayk a Long-Dezervd Vaycayshun somwher egzotik. We tossd ideers around, lik Tyland, Japann, Chynr, an lik that. But the Bunneez hads studdeed Spanish, so they desydid to go to the Gulf of Meksiko, hopin they cud scout some gud lokayshunz fer the blog an be abul to writ off the cost of the trip.

In whut mai mom callz “retro-spek,” I’m gessin that yu kin see whut’s comin….