Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bak at the Plays that is Cleerlee NOT a Rantch

Mom Says:

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Musashi Sez:

Meenwhyl, yah, ok, but ther isn’t no rantch. Whut Mom akshul meenz is that whyl me an Pero an Alek an our noo frendz is halpin the werld free itself frum totalararian rayjeemz an havin mistayks wift small boddeez of wadder, the Brav Kittee, Gato has ben havin som egsytin tims of his own.

OK. So I has watchd mooveez wift mai mom an I noes how this sorta thin goes.

Yu gotta imajin a ol-fashun aeroplayn, the tubbee kin, wift the little perpellrz everwher. An yu gotta heer it goin “Hummmmmmm” in the bakgroun. This verree importint.

2nd: Yu gotta imajin a big ol map of the Mediteraryneean See reejun. (Heer’z a hint: there lotsa bloo in the middul.) The bak-lef-paw cornr is kinda pink, an it say SPAIN. Then as yu intch ovr to the rigt (qwiet-lik, so them spyz don’t heer yu), yu coms across this yellr strip wift ITALY writid on it. Aftr that it get compulkaytid. Ther a brown bit that say GREECE, an in pertikler, Athen. An mor ovr to the rigt is a dark pink contree calld TURKE. An then goin down frum ther to yer bak-rigt-paw cornr is a green contree, wher it say Cairo.

3rd: So all that is whut yu seez. Then yu has to imajin a thik red lin goin from a big bloo dot on SPAIN to a big bloo dot on ITALY to a big bloo dot on GREECE to a big bloo dot on TURKE an fynlee to a big bloo dot on Cairo.

4th: That tayk mutch longerer to egsplayn than to show yu, but I not got iMoovee powrz, so yu gotsta hav the payshunz.

5th: Las thin yu gotsta imajin is a blak cat, wayrin a egsotic hat, lik that Illinoy Jonz fellr, hoppin down the funnee laddr thin from the aeroplayn (wift them perpellrz) an hoppin serphistrkaytidlee across a tarmac that is so hot it is wigglin unner his pawz.*

*Pleez noet: this verree hard to manidj. Be impressd.