Thursday, September 23, 2010

Maykin Frenz wift Jamaykn Toorists

Musashi Sez:

Yah, I noe that folks sez that berds of a fethr flock together, but us kitteez A) not got the fethrz an B) don’t cayr anee mor fer flockin than we doez fer bein herded.

Notwiftstandin that (as Le Prof’soor wud say), its tru that yu has yer birft littr an yu has the littr of yer hart. Myoozishunz noe this bettrer than evrboddee. Befor Paco had been in the tavern room 5 minitz, he had mayd frendz wift a buntch of Jamaykin kitteez wift instrmints (cuz they wuz conveenyintlee on toor in sothrn Frans). But givn that Paco cud not speek anee Frentch at all, an their Frentch hads the aksint, I still has not figgrd out how he convinsd them to plae backup fer him. But he wuz a kittee wift a mishun, and he REELEE wanted to sing his solo.

So I gess it just a mystree. Huh.

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